Mariesa Dranschak

Healer and Educator

Igniting Joy, Inspiring Growth

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“I first worked with Mariesa through a program called “Celebrate Today’s Children”.  As a pediatrician with many years experience with children, I knew the great need for what Mariesa had to offer: a strong, intuitive understanding of the spirit and gifts of all children, and the ability, through her experience and compassion, to support and guide them in their spiritual growth in this world and at this time. I truly feel she is a gift to our youth!”

Sara Farchione

Reiki for Kids

A Magical, Safe Space For Kids To Have Fun And Play With Their Innate Abilities!


How often have you seen a child bump their head and then gently rest a hand on that spot to “make it feel better”? Children have a natural inclination for knowing how to make things feel better. We can help them to not lose that!

Imagine your home when your child/children are confident and comfortable with their abilities to show compassion, share wonder and healing, and bring calmness to themselves and others.

Mariesa’s passion for teaching children and living a loving, balanced life comes smashing together in her “Reiki for Kids” classes for children ages 5 and up.

These one-day classes are truly a hands-on adventure where kids experience playing with energy fields, learning about chakras and auras, and practicing Reiki on plants, animals and themselves.  In addition, each child also receives a Level I Reiki attunement.

“I enjoyed the Reiki 1 class and I learned that Reiki can help you with brothers and sisters. It helped me to get along better with my friends and school situations. It even helped me to clean my room easier!! I like Reiki because it’s all about love and it can’t hurt anyone. I got to help my mom through Reiki when she had a headache and that felt good that I could help. I gave myself Reiki when my nose was stuffy and it helped me feel better too. Thank you for teaching me.”

PS I just broke my toe and I’m giving it Reiki tonight!!!!!


Age 10

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