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Awaken To Your True Self And Connect With Spirit

Rediscover Your Natural State Of Wonder

This 12 Week intensive program offers the perfect flow for you to easily integrate Sheila Applegate’s Be Awesome curriculum into your life. The Be Awesome E-Course is filled with profound insights presented in a practical and play-filled manner. This e-course focuses on the subtleties essential to apply these teachings to real life. Each of the 12 weekly steps includes three lessons presented in both written and audio form. 

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This 12-step Jump-in To Consciousness Program Includes

  • Everything you need to live the life you desire is laid out in this simple easy to follow guide which includes 36 spectacular life changing lessons with audios.
  • No more struggling through life. Remove blocks, release painful thought patterns, and restore health with 4 individual coaching sessions tailored for your personal needs.
  • These are critical times but you don’t have to feel alone! Tap into the Love that is all around you. Enhance your intuitive connection with Source Energy, Spirit Guides and like-minded people.
  • Feel peace, balance and wonder each day with over 30 unique & empowering guided meditations to enhance your well-being.

This Course will leave you with a deep sense of inner peace, love and harmony, and, an elevated understanding of life’s process and purpose. Live a Life that is Simply Awesome

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What People Are Saying

“As a teacher and a coach Mariesa specializes in meeting you where you are then gently guiding you to greater understanding.  Her immense compassion coupled with her mastery of understanding the full spectrum of human experience creates a safe space for you to explore the depth of your emotions and step into your full potential.”
Sheila Applegate

Founder of Be Awesome: Your Guide to Conscious Living, Conterpoint Creative Consulting

Imagine Your Self Living Life In A Fully Conscious Way, Connected With The Beautiful Life Force That Is All Around You.

After 12 years of study with Spiritual Seer, and award winning Author Sheila Applegate, I am proud to be one of the first Certified Facilitators of her Be Awesome E-course.  In this 12 week program, I combine my vast knowledge, gifts and experience with Sheila’s comprehensive curriculum, to provide you with a complete guide to living in Conscious Oneness.

As your guide I will,

  • Help you remember the wonder and joy of your childhood imagination
  • Guide you to understand that emotions are a GOOD thing
  • Expand your awareness of your Spiritual connection to every living thing
  • Introduce you to your own Guides, Angels and Divine Beings connected to your individual belief system
  • Show you the path to Oneness


Week E-Course

Each of the 12 weekly steps includes three lessons presented in both written and audio form. 

More than 30 Audio Guided Meditations support the process.

Interesting and fun, yet profound, assignments will help you integrate the wonder of this program into your daily life.

These calls will be recorded in case you are unable to attend them LIVE, and may be accessed

by phone or internet. The calls are for you to ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and

receive guidance as you open up to your new life. You will hear my personal stories about how I

developed my conscious living, and how easy it is to infuse it into your own daily life.

Facilitated Group Calls

Individual In-depth Sessions

These unique sessions may be by phone or in person. They will include intuitive spiritual

guidance to bring your special gifts and talents to the forefront. Together we will look deeply

into the cause of any energetic blockages that are holding you back, and release old thought

patterns to assist you in manifesting your life as you have always wanted it. This may involve

Reiki sessions, Spiritual messages, and gently lighting the way for you to go

forward on your path of discovery.

Created only for your group to bond with your fellow students and the facilitator, and share your thoughts.

Private Support Group

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate


Meet The Founder Of The Be Awesome E-Course

As a Clinical Therapist, Conscious Life Coach, Inspirational Presenter, and Award-Winning Author, Sheila Applegate’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotions and integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Sheila earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work from Syracuse University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Maryland. In 1998, after years of studying metaphysics, Sheila was ordained as minister through the Light of Divine Truth Foundation.

For over 20 years, she has combined her broad formal training and personal awakenings to bring forth the message of Conscious Living through Divine Love. Sheila encourages us to embrace our passions as earthly service by living within a conscious alignment with Source Energy.

In the, Be Awesome E-Course, Sheila bridges the gap between Spirituality and Awesomeness. She assists us in creating an awesome life of passion and joy by clearly sharing her deep knowledge of Divine Love.  The Be Awesome E-Course will guide you to incorporate this understanding into your personal life and career. Through Be Awesome, you learn to consciously weave awareness with passion and live in harmony with All That Is

You KNOW You Have Been Searching For A Deeper Meaning In Your Life. Have You Been Hesitant To Explore On Your Own?

I can be your teacher, mentor and guide to your new vibrant consciousness. Take a deep breath, and BELIEVE